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Staying Relevant In Today’s World.

Dear leaders, we won’t be here forever, let us embrace the path of honour and genuine service with intent to live our best lives and leave worthy legacy for this generation and the ones coming.

Mike Oladipo

Staying relevant in today’s world in this concept simply means being useful to ourselves and to the world at large by contributing to make the world a better place than we met it.

From my life’s experiences and from studies, there are THREE MAIN AREAS to improve and constantly work on if we truly want to live a life of relevance in today’s world despite the odds. These areas are;-


In this blog, we would focus on MINDSET.

Why We Need to Improve Our Mindsets if We Want to Live a Life of Relevance in Today’s World.

Your mind is like a flexible mirror, adjust it to see a better world.

Amit Ray

Our mindset is the sum of beliefs, opinions and thoughts that we’ve formed about the world and ourselves. Our mindset affects how we see and interpret the world around us.

We see things not as how they really are, but based on who we are. And as it’s said, we are a reflection of our mindsets. How mentally attractive we are reveals through the way we see and interpret the world around us.

Since our Mindsets are the lens through which we observe our world, if our mindsets are distorted, so will be the way we see our world.

How relevant we become in life is proportional to the quality of our mindsets and how mentally attractive we develop ourselves to become.

Categories Of Mindsets

From studies, there are two main categories or types of mindsets.

  1. Growth Mindset
  2. Fixed Mindset

A growth mindset is thinking that our intelligence can grow with time and experience whereas a fixed mindset is a belief that our qualities are fixed traits that we cannot change.

People with fixed mindsets believe that what’s meant to be will always be where as people with growth mindsets believe that the results they get in life is a consequence of their actions and inactions.

Subtypes of Mindsets

  • Right-or-wrong vs Opened-minded Mindset

People with the right-or-wrong mindsets are those who think they’re right all the time. People with such mindsets are not opened to new ideas. The problem with such people is that they don’t pay attention to others’ opinions since they already have their own opinions fixed in their minds.

To be relevant in today’s world, we need to adopt the opened-mind mindset. We need to be open to new ideas, new concepts and new ways of doing things. The world is evolving day by day, hence there’s a need for us to constantly upgrade our mindsets as well.

  • Victim vs Accountable Mindset.

People who always play the victim role always have excuses to give for their failures in life. They blame everyone and everything for their failures except themselves.

To be relevant in today’s world, we need to be accountable for ourselves. Your success or failure in life is dependent on you and you alone. No excuse is valid enough to cover up the reasons you did not live the quality of life you were destined to live because there are people less privileged than you, living a life of relevance and success in today’s world despite the odds. What’s your excuse?

  • Saying ‘NO’ vs ‘YES, AND…’ Mindset.

People with the ‘NO’ mentality refuse an opportunity even before the opportunity is presented to them. They say NO to everything that comes their way without even considering the potentials of the opportunities presented to them.

To be relevant in today’s world and to live a life of success, we need to adopt the ‘Yes and…’ mindset. People with such mindsets are open to the opinions of others and evaluate these opinions before making a final decision.

  • Fearful vs Fearless Mindsets

One of the reasons most people don’t live a life of relevance in today’s world is because of fear. Fear of failure, fear to take actions, fear of other people’s opinions and fear of the unknown.

In today’s world, we need to be courageous if we really want to live a life of relevance. Don’t let the opinions of others who are doing nothing stop you from living a life of relevance. Rise up!

  • Ungrateful vs Grateful Mindsets.

Nobody will be genuinely interested to help you if they realize you’re ungrateful.

Gratitude opens room for more blessings in your life. The more grateful you are in life, the more relevant and happier your life would become. Gratitude is a habit you must constantly practice if you want to live a life of relevance.

  • Avoidance vs Facing-reality mindsets

There are some situations in your life you can never change no matter how hard you try. Rather than avoiding these situations, face them. You can hardly heal from a situation you keep on avoiding.

Rather than avoiding reality, accept it. It’s a necessary step to move forward and to be relevant in today’s world.

  • Reactive vs Proactive Mindset.

Reactive people let their circumstances control them. They believe they’re not in control of their choices and whatever happens to them.

People with proactive mindsets control their circumstances. They know the results they get in life is as a consequence of their actions and inactions.

How To Upgrade Our Mindsets So That We Can Truly Live A Life Of Relevance.

  1. Reflecting on our belief systems since our education, religion, upbringing, experiences and our environment as a whole shape our beliefs and influence our thoughts.
  2. Becoming more aware of the types of mindsets we have, realizing the ones that are taking us closer to our dreams and working on the ones that are limiting our growth.
  3. Creating our own measure of success and identifying the kinds of mindsets we need to adopt that will take us to the level we aspire to be.
  4. Turning our limiting mindsets to liberating ones since most atimes, we may be the weapons formed against ourselves that’s causing us not to prosper.

Working on our mindsets is not an easy job. We need to put in some real work. There are lifetime opportunities we would miss if we don’t work on our mindsets, there are destiny helpers we would chase out of our lives if we don’t strive to upgrade the quality of our mindsets and there are relationships we would miss out because of our poor mentality.

This write-up is a call to each and everyone of us to constantly upgrade our mindsets so that we can all live a life of relevance and purpose in today’s world.


Have you ever taken some time to reflect about your life? Have you ever taken some time to evaluate how far you’ve come? To assess your past progress and failures? If yes, are you proud of how far you’ve come? Are you truly happy with your life so far? The truth is, each and everyone of us have the ability to live a more fulfilling, peaceful, joyous, purposeful, prosperous and amazing life. But very few of us can actually admit we’re truly living a life and not merely existing and chasing after the wind. One of the reasons while some people are living a life of purpose and fulfillment while others are merely chasing after the wind lies on THE POWER OF CHOICE.

Choice is defined as “an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.” Every decision we make has a consequence. The life we live today is as a result of the consequences of the choices we’ve made so far or the consequences of the choices that have been made on our behalves. This means if we’re not happy with our lives, we can always change it by merely CHANGING OUR CHOICES.

Every moment in life presents us with a choice, and the choices we make affect us directly or indirectly. It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. The world doesn’t care about our potentials. It only cares about what we do with our potentials depending on the various choices we make in life. If you don’t like the results your choices are giving you, you have the power to make different choices and if you don’t feel proud of the life you’re living, you can always choose to change. We should always bear in mind that, the choices we don’t make today, will not make us tomorrow and that deciding not to choose, is a choice by itself. Our choices shape our destinies.

Guidelines To Make Better Choices In Life.

  • Goal Setting:

Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future, and for motivating yourself to turn your vision of this future into reality. The process of setting goals helps you to make the right choices on where you want to go in life. By knowing precisely what you want to achieve, and where you’re going in life, you know where you have to concentrate your efforts and focus most of your energy. The right decisions in life will depend on the direction that you want your life to go and goal setting is one very important aspect that defines the direction that you want your life to go in so that you can consciously structure your choices around it.

Do you have daily, weekly, monthly or yearly goals? Do you have life goals? If you have no goals or vision for your life, then there are higher chances you’ll make a lot of wrong choices and decisions because you don’t even know where you’re heading to. Take some time NOW to reflect on where you want to see yourself in the next one week or one month or one year. Setting goals doesn’t mean you’ll never make wrong choices. But setting goals minimizes the chances of making the wrong choices in life.

  • Having mentors:

A mentor is a person who provides you with the tools, guidance, support, and feedback you need to thrive in life as a whole. They’re often someone who has gone down the same road you’re on currently and is “there to advise you on what they’ve done and what’s worked for them” says Muse career coach Brad Finkeldei.

Sometimes, making the right choices in life can be really challenging. In times like these, we should not pretend we have everything in control or let our pride consume us. Sometimes, our present battles may be the conquered pasts of some others, especially people who are already where we aspire to be or who are walking same path like us. Having mentors is a great means to avoid making the wrong choices as they’ll be there to guide you on every step you take. We should always remember that the daily life that we live now is a sum of the consequences of the choices we have made up to this point, be it good or bad. So, let’s endeavour to make the right choices always because after everything, we’re the results of the choices we made.

  • Self-discipline:

“Show me a truly successful person, and I’ll show you someone who is disciplined.” Nowadays, it can be really difficult to make the right choices even though we know these choices are good for us and they’ll enable us to achieve the life we dream of. Most atimes, we make choices based on our emotions, or impulses or due to peer pressure and these choices often tend to have a very negative impact in our lives and those connected to us. To be able to make the right choices in life, we must develop the aspect of self discipline.

We should discipline ourselves to make choices not based on how we feel or who it pleases, but based on our purpose in life. There’ll always be distractions around. But you can only be distracted if you lose focus on your goals and purpose, and it takes discipline to stay focused on your goals and purpose. Remember, falling down may be an accident, but staying down is a choice. Even after you fall, make conscious effort to stand up and keep on moving forward.

  • Having a foundation built in Christ:

It is true that we’re responsible for our lives by the choices we make. But by ourselves, it’s nearly impossible for us to lead ourselves effectively since we don’t even know ourselves well enough or clearly know where we’re heading to. Having a foundation that is built in Christ gives us a glimpse on how we should live our lives. Christianity is a lifestyle. Staying connected to God and walking with Him transforms our minds which manifests through our characters. We should bear in mind that it is impossible for us to make a mess in our lives that’s too big for God to clean it up. It means even if we make the wrong choices, having a foundation that is built in Christ, we’ll always have the strength to rise back after falling not because of our own strength, but because of God’s Spirit that abides in us.

Walking with God and feeding our spirits with His Words also empowers our minds with the right knowledge and thoughts about life as a whole. “As a man thinks, so he is.” This means we’re the expressions of the contents of our minds. Feeding our minds with the Word of God permits us to make the right choices in life as everything written in the scriptures was written to teach us, in order that we might have hope through the patience and encouragement which the scriptures give us.

All in all, there are many other guidelines that can help us to make better decisions and choices in life. It is very important for us to make the right choices and decisions in life that will please He who sent us here on Earth and that will also give us fulfillment in the long run. We are not too far gone. There’s hope. Everyday is a new start and an opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past by changing our daily routines based on the choices we make.

There are still better choices and decisions to be made. Start today, start now and you’ll live to always thank yourself for making the right choices in life. You’re destined for greatness. But to manifest that greatness, you have to make the right choices that align with your purpose, and take the right steps to get there.


Have you ever wondered why most people are just average at what they do? And you know fully well they can actually do better? Have you ever tried finding out what’s stopping some people from putting in their ALL in what they do so that they could produce better results? Have you ever tried finding out why others are performing better than the rest? The truth is, we all can be the best at whatever we do. The issue is, most of us are not just willing to put in the sacrifices, hardwork and discipline that’s required. Or maybe some are willing to put in all the efforts but they don’t just have that motivation to begin or to continue till the end. If you know someone going through this or if you’re presently facing this in your life right now, then this is for you.

You see, most atimes in life, we don’t get what we dream, hope or wish for; we get what we WORK for. Don’t expect to get what you did not work hard and prepare for. It’s like the famous saying, “Everybody wants to succeed or be the best. But nobody is willing to put in the hardwork and sacrifice that’s required to make them be the best.” If you desire to be the best, you should also be willing to do the extra work that’s required because that is what will make you to be the best at whatever you do.

As students, we’re obliged to give our best at whatever we do or in whatever field we find ourselves in. However, this is not the case for many students. Most students want to be someone they’d be proud of in due time but very few are actually doing what it takes to get them to that level of excellence. There’s no shortcut to success. If your desire is to be the best, you should also have that passion to work hard and to be disciplined.


Discipline, just like every other habit is something that we can develop with time by consciously and consistently doing what we truly know will make us develop this habit. Below, I’ve listed some ways on how to build the habit of discipline in you.

1) Having a clear purpose and vision;

Your purpose gives you reasons for doing something while your vision and passion keeps you going because you’re sure of what you’d gain by doing what you do. Most people don’t get the best results in what they do simply because their WHY for doing that thing is either not known or not strong enough and also because their vision is not clear enough. If you really want to achieve greater results in what you do, you should evaluate your WHY for doing what you do and your vision should be clear enough. Remember, your vision fuels your purpose. If you know why you do what you do and the benefits of what you do in the nearest future, you’d be willing to stay strong and keep going even in the midst of challenges and as such, you’d automatically become an improved version of yourself and your results would obviously improve as well.

2) Having a plan:

I believe you’ve come across the famous quote that says “failing to plan is planning to fail.” As simple as it may sound, it’s true. Most people don’t have a plan for their lives. They do things when they feel like to or because they find others doing them. You need a PLAN to connect your purpose to your vision. What results are you expecting to have in what you do? Look for the different strategies that you know will help you get your required results. You may have the purpose, vision, passion and love for something, but to execute that something or to turn that something into a reality, you need a strategy and a plan.

You can hardly achieve the results you truly desire if you don’t develop a plan. Plan in this context is the act of WRITING and ACTING on the different strategies to execute a specific task. Most people fail at what they do simply because they don’t have a strategic plan or because they don’t plan at all. If you’re a student, when was the last time you drew a reading time table and completed it? When was the last time you took the outline of a course and looked for the different strategies to complete them ahead of the teacher? This is what I’m talking about. If you really want to achieve greater results at what you do, you should always endeavour to come up with a plan. Don’t just do things anyhow because if you do, your results will just be ‘anyhow’ as well. But bear in mind that your plans should only come after you’ve discovered the reason for doing what you do because no matter how hard you plan for something, if your purpose for doing that thing is not known or strong enough, there are high chances you’d fail at it.

3) Shutting down distractions

When was the last time you completed a task successfully as scheduled without using your phone or replying a message or browsing? When was the last time you logged out of a social media platform because it was time for you to study? When was the last time you completed all what you planned for a day with little or no distractions? It’s one thing to plan, but it’s another thing to execute those plans. You can hardly achieve high quality results if you’re not self-disciplined. Self-discipline in this context is that ability to push yourself forward, stay motivated, and take action regardless of the external circumstances or how you’re feeling physically and emotionally. Self-discipline is what will enable you to follow your life’s plans so that you can achieve the results you have always wished for. There’s no successful person out there who is not self-disciplined.

Self-discipline is an aspect many people fight with. But be rest assured that it’s something that you develop just like how you develop your muscles by doing constant exercise and work out. To develop your self-discipline, you should first of all identify the obstacles that you may likely face and the different strategies to overcome them after choosing a specific goal. If for example, your goal is to read for three hours a day, the possible obstacle may be distraction from your cell phone. So, at the time when you’re about to read, you should do all it takes to switch your phone off while concentrating or if using your phone, switch it to airplane mood. With time, you’d develop your self-discipline more and may perhaps stay even longer without using your cell phone and as such, your performance would greatly improve. So, no matter the circumstances don’t deviate from your objectives. Stay focused on your goals as distractions come only when you lose focus on your objectives.

4) Maintaining a balance:

Maintaining balance means making time for the things you have to do, as well as the things you want to do. In other words, maintaining a balance means doing the right thing at the appropriate time. Yes, we all have many things to do. We all have responsibilities. But we need to be able to know the appropriate time to do them. When we do things haphazardly, we mostly end up not paying too much attention on the things that matter most in our lives such as our spiritual aspect, our relationship with others, our education and other aspects of our lives.

Maintaining balance isn’t passive. It’s not just going to happen if you’re not intentional about it. It takes an active mental participation to get you there. Remember, we can do anything but we cannot do everything all at once. Hence, we need to be able to distinguish what’s important for us at that time to do and what’s not important. We need to learn to prioritize what is important and focus our energy on doing one thing at a time.

One very important way in creating a balance is knowing when to say NO or YES. Life is busy and full of conflicting activities, but saying YES to everything is impossible and saying YES to more than we should can leave us burnt out and lacking the energy to focus on our main priorities. We all have a limited capacity for ‘doing things’ and saying YES to everything can lead us being unaware of the things we blindly say No to. Don’t be everywhere. Sometimes, not every ‘good thing’ may be necessary for us to actively engage ourselves in. We should learn to differentiate what ‘really needs to be done’ and what we ‘just feel like doing’.

The greatest form of impact – Love.

Most atimes there are issues people are going through that no one knows about. They tell no one about it and try to figure out the answers all by themselves. The world seems to be moving so fast and everyone seems to be minding their own business that no one seems to really care about what the person closest to them may be going through.

Sometimes, the little things we do for people matter most. People are not robots that we expect them to be fine always. Everyone out there has some issues that he or she is struggling with. We might have answers to some of the issues people are battling with but how can we help them if we don’t know what they’re going through? And how can we know what they’re going through if we don’t care enough to find out?

It’s mostly said after everything, what counts most is the impact we leave in the lives of others and the world at large. How were you different from every other person? There’s something that if we all can adopt, we can really use to create a big difference in the lives of many and that thing is LOVE. From the way the world is turning, people are gradually putting love out of the picture and doing things because of some benefits. Love is that one thing that will never lose its values. It’s a force that has the ability to touch the deepest and coldest souls and bring them back to the present moment.

Love is the greatest form of impact. When we have love in us, there’s just a way we glow differently from every other person. True, not everyone may appreciate what you do for them and some may misjudge your motives but after everything, your impact in their lives will always be felt. We should grow to the point where we’re controlled by love. Others may classify you as being weak but it’s only the strong that learn to do things out of love.

God is love.

Have you ever sat down in your quiet moments and imagine what God is like? The truth is, He is just love. Sometimes, the people we expect love from don’t always give to us, and we tend to look for it from different sources which tend to blind our eyes for us to really see the real source.

We can only give that which is in us. When we try to give more than what is in us, it tends to drain us emotionally and psychologically and it can lead to depression. We cannot give love if we ourselves don’t have love in us. That’s why we need to stay connected always with love if we want to impact others with it.

The simple yet fascinating thing about it all is that God is love. He loves us now, always and forever. His wish is just for us to come to the realization of this. He’s the giver of true love. As long as we’re connected to God, we’d always be filled with love and we’d be able to reflect this love to those around us. God is that one person who’s always there even if we think we’re all by ourselves. He’s with us even in our darkest moments ready to help out in every little way He can. Sometimes we may be too broken that we don’t realize His presence, but He’s always there. That’s why we need to stay connected with Him always because He has assured us that He will never leave nor forsake us. So then, we too should never detach ourselves from Him.

I don’t know the personal battles you may be fighting with and I don’t know your struggles. Yes, the world may be spinning too fast and everyone minding their own business. You may have looked for someone to share your issues with but no one seemed to have your time or give you a listening ear. You may have been searching for just one true friend but everyone seemed to be faking it. I’m here to tell you that there’s still hope. You don’t have to carry the burdens all by yourself. You can make the creator of the Universe your friend!! He’s a very friendly person ready to be in a relationship with His creation and that’s you!! You should never feel you’ve gone too far from His presence that He can’t accept you back. His arms are wide open to take you. He’s ready to take your hands and walk with you. He’s waiting to see you make that conscious decision to be in a relationship with Him right now and forever.

Only God has the power to take away your pain and give you the love and peace you truly deserve. When you have a relationship with God, you tend to know Him more and adopt His personality and eventually, His thoughts begin to mold your every action and decisions. As such, there’s just a way you relate with others with so much love and impact them in many different ways.


Most of us at one point in our lives or may be till now, are battling with many challenges like procrastination, addiction, indiscipline, distractions, laziness and more of other things that are hindering us from giving our best and achieving the best at what we do. We may have searched for answers from different sources or may have applied several strategies to help fight these obstacles but there seemed to be no way out of it. We set goals at the beginning of the year, or beginning of the month or beginning of the week but at the end, we end up not covering even 20% of these goals because of some hindrances. If you’re in a state like this, or if you know someone going through this and you wish to help the person, then this is for you.

On April 16th 2021, I was privileged to be amongst the students who attended a three days National Leadership Summit in Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon. This was organized by The Christian Healthcare Fellowship (CHF) with the theme “Dominion”. The summit comprised of medical doctors, medical students from different institutes in the country and engineering students as well. We were taught on the topic ‘Self Leadership’ both by Dr. Loni Ekali Gabriel and Dr. Ronald Gobina.

Medical doctors & students from different medical faculties, engineering faculties and other universities at the National Leadership Summit in Yaounde.

The purpose for life is to have influence on others (Dominion). And this is what leadership is all about. It’s about influencing people. We exist to influence. However, we cannot effectively lead others if we don’t focus on leading ourselves. In other words, we can hardly have dominion over the world if we don’t learn to have dominion over ourselves. Dominion here refers to having control over something. A good leader must learn, understand and apply the concept of self leadership in his or her life. We must learn to lead in all directions. It’s of utmost importance that we think of ourselves and work on ourselves. We are all leaders because we have influenced at least one person in our lives in any aspect. These people may be our siblings, friends or others.


He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.”

~ Proverbs 25:28 KJV

When we have no walls around our lives, we give room for anything or anyone to control us. We have no power or self-control over ourselves. Anything can penetrate into our lives. It’s important we ensure that we have walls around our lives. The act of raising walls in our lives has to do with mastering ourselves better. We must learn to become leaders of ourselves. If we succeed at this, then we have really succeeded in something very big and it’ll take us really far in life.

Leaders who are best at self-leadership are more effective than others. We must learn how to lead ourselves. A person who’s unable to lead or command himself will allow his life to lead and command him, and the consequences of these can be disastrous to the person and to those who believe in this person. We should try as much as possible not to be the stone that causes others to stumble. As leaders, we’re all called to great accountability. it’s easier to transfer to others what we practice than to transfer something we just preach but don’t practice. So, it’s best we focus and build ourselves very well so that we may become role models to others.

Dr. Loni Ekali, National President of Christian Healthcare Fellowship.

Ways to build self-leadership:

1 – Walking by the spirit.

Most atimes, we’re controlled by the desires and passions of our ‘flesh’. These desires are so strong to the extend that we have no say over our own lives but become slaves to our own body. The body tells us what to do, when to do it and how to do it. But it’s not supposed to be so. If we really want to live a purposeful and a great life, we must learn to be masters of our own body and not the other way round. But how can we do this? Galatians 5:16 makes it clear that if we walk by the spirit, we would not gratify the desires of the flesh. This is something we must really practice. When we submit ourselves to God, we receive the Holy Spirit in us. Self leadership has to do with the ability to submit ourselves to God so that the flesh no longer become our master, but we become masters over the flesh because of the Holy Spirit that’s in us.

Walking by the spirit is not something that we try to do all by ourselves, because we would obviously fail at it. It’s something we develop as we stay connected and walk with God always. It’s something that comes when we create a personal relationship with God and fellowship with Him always. And when we apply this in our lives, we would start manifesting the results in Galatians 5:22-23But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such there is no law.’

2 – Loving God

While at the National Leadership Summit, I also had some quality time with someone whom I consider as a brother, teacher, mentor and friend. He taught me many other things related to self-leadership and amongst these was Loving God. Most of us love God, but don’t live for God. Love is not just a feeling; nor is it a matter of mere words. True love for God involves more than simply saying ‘I love God’. Like faith, genuine love is defined and characterized by the action it prompts. James 2:26 ‘So then, as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without actions is dead.

A quality time with Dr. Basambo Fabrice at the National Leadership Summit – someone I consider as a brother, teacher, mentor and a friend.

Self leadership here comes in display when we get rid of our old selves and make a conscious decision to take up a new self that pleases God. Observing God’s commandments involves living in harmony with the Bible’s clear moral standards. And as we study the Bible, we get to know what God loves and what he hates. The more we learn about God’s personality and ways, the more we will be able to let his thinking mold our decisions and influence our actions.

3 – Having a clear vision:

A leader is someone who stands in the present, looks into the future, sees a destination and takes the various steps that he knows will lead him there. When you have a clear vision, you stay focused on your goals because you already know where you’re heading to and you know the things that you must do in order to get to that destination. Every person who has been successful knows where he’s going. If you know where you’re going, you always make sure your actions should align with your purpose. You’re very cautious of your actions and the choices you make as there are some choices and actions we take that may reap us from a life of purpose.

4 – Maintaining balance:

This lesson was presented by Dr. Ronald Gobina, a nephrologist at the Buea Regional Hospital, during the National Leadership Summit in Yaounde. We cannot develop our self-leadership skills if we don’t learn how to maintain a balance in our lives. We must be organized in every area of life if we really want to master the habit of self-leadership. Self-leadership is not just something that we develop spontaneously. It’s something that comes over a period of constant practice.

We are made up of two; our gifts and the gifted. When our gifts are taken from us, what is left is the person who was gifted with these gifts. We’re not our gifts. When we don’t find a balance between these two, we’re at risk of pride. In order to grow in self-leadership, we must not let our abilities to control us. We should grow in our various abilities and gifts but we should not lose focus on ourselves because of our abilities and gifts, and we should not neglect our physical needs such as rest, quality time with ourselves and some leisure time. One way to to secure our gifts is to take care of our physical needs. We should learn to grow in all aspects; spirits, minds, bodies and souls.

Students from the Faculty of Health Sciences – Buea, at the National Leadership Summit in Yaounde together with Dr. Gobina, a nephrologist at the Buea Regional Hospital.

Self-leadership is one very important aspect we should all grow in because the benefits that come when we learn to gain mastery over ourselves and be able to discipline the body and tell it what to do, how to do it and when to do it will take us really far in life and we’ll be able to live an organized, purposeful and a fulfilled life. I pray you’re able to apply all what is written here in your life. Gaining Knowledge is one thing, but applying it makes it more powerful.


There are people presently that are going through hard times and they have little or no faith that their conditions will ever change. There are people who have lost all hopes and they don’t have that strength to keep going forward in life. There are some who are going through circumstances that are far beyond their level of understanding and they think there’s no way out of their current situations. There are some who think their lives will never change for the better. If you’re going through a similar condition like this or maybe worse, or you know someone who is going through a similar condition like this, then this is for you. There’s this saying that every successful person has a story to tell. There are times we may think that we’re the only ones going through a particular situation in life, but in reality, there are many others out there going through similar situations like us and those going through even worse situations like us.

The Journey is a book that tells the story of the life of a very influential personality, Mike Oladipo. I came across this book when I was preparing to write the National Competitive Medical Entrance Examination two years back. This period was one of the most challenging periods in my life because passing an examination like this one was quite difficult as thousands of students all over the territory usually apply to write it and just about 10% of the entire population are usually selected and declared successful. When I came across this book, I was really inspired to remain positive as there were many lessons I learned from it that gave me more reasons to trust the process and to believe that if I work extremely hard, I will pass this examination. After passing the medical entrance examination, the author of this book, Mike Oladipo became my role model. During my second year as a medical student, I took it upon myself to enroll in his Online Leadership platform called MOGi Global Leadership School.

Mike Oladipo Global Influence (MOGi) is an outreach platform created by Mike Oladipo for reaching out through his personal mentorship, radio programs, TV shows, books, music and others. MOGi was inspired by Mike’s quest to serve his generation through direct influence on people. To know more about MOGi, kindly click the link below Mike Oladipo believes everyone has a unique purpose in life and possess incredible potential to make significant impact in the world. He has a mandate to raise leaders called heroes; this is what he has dedicated his life to, through all his organizations, companies and operations. MOGi Gls is just one of his many platforms where he mentors and coaches people all over the world.

Mike Oladipo; Provost of MOGi Global Leadership School.

My experience in MOGi was really a life-changing experience as I was taught on many topics concerning life, leadership, business and impact. We were given many tasks to do such as writing a book, public speaking, singing and many other tasks which brought the best out of us. Infact, it was during this period after completing my book project titled When we believe that I realized I could write and this led me into being a blogger. Summarily, MOGi Global Leadership School is aimed in releasing the Hero in you. I would focus on one of the projects that really inspired me which was Reading The Journey by Mike Oladipo. Like I said, I had read this book before, but this time it was quite different as I did not only read but also, designed some quotes from the book which I believe may inspire many others around the world.

Egbe Gift; a graduation award winner from MOGi Global Leadership School Cohort 30.

Lessons learned from ‘The Journey’ by Mike Oladipo.

1 –

Challenges are not meant to destroy us but to strengthen us and make us grow. No matter whatever challenges you may be going through, remain strong, be optimistic and learn to trust the process.

2 –

Don’t let where you come from or your circumstances to limit how far you dream in life. Remember, as long as you’re breathing, there’s always hope and also remember that all things are possible if you believe.

3 –

We should always try as much as possible to document our life’s stories. Most atimes, our conquered pasts may be the present situations that many people out there may be struggling with. But if we all can share our different stories with one another, then we could really help to encourage and inspire one another and many others.

4 –

What do you do when you’re alone with yourself? Do your activities when you’re alone with yourself increase your values? We should always use the time we spend with ourselves to improve ourselves in all areas of our lives. We should never stop working on ourselves to be the best of who we are.

5 –

In each and everyone of us, there are seeds of greatness that are buried inside of us. Don’t compete with others, neither should you envy those who are already where are aspire to be. Connect with these people and learn from them while waiting for your own time.

6 –

Whatever battles we fail to conquer, our incoming generation will be faced with those same battles. We should do well to live the right way and make the right choices as our choices not only affects us, but also affects the people in our lives.

7 –

There’s a season for everyone and for everything. Be patient, continue putting in your best and wait for your own time. Fruitfulness and growth happen in stages, enjoy every bit on your way up.

8 –

All the challenges you’ve overcome are meant to prepare you for the tasks that lie ahead. Keep going forward and trust the process.

9 –

There are many things you’ll learn while you’re alive. But amongst these many things, always learn to be kind, diligent and to maintain peace with everyone that comes your way.

10 –

Do you give up when your results take longer than expected to manifest? Remember, don’t give up during moments of delays. Remain optimistic and keep giving your best. Believe that you’ll obviously get a reward.

11 –

Count your blessings always. The more we’re grateful for what we have, the more we attract greater things to be grateful for. Always be determined to do more and be more.

12 –

Even in your darkest moments, you’re never alone. God is always watching out for you.

13 –

No matter what, your vision should always be strong and clear. Hold the vision and trust the process.

14 –

Your waiting season should be your growing season. Keep working on yourself.

15 –

Don’t run from your story because the glory of great men lies in their stories, and stop trying to become a star, you were born one.

There are many more lessons you can learn from reading the book. If you need a copy of the book, you can download freely from MOGi store. If you’re interested in enrolling in MOGi Global Leadership School, you can search the page ‘MOGi Global Leadership School’ on Facebook, and ‘like’ it so that you can start receiving notifications from the school and be updated when application for the next Cohort (batch) opens.

No matter what you may be going through, I just want to encourage you to keep moving forward and to trust the process. Nothing lasts forever. Just believe that this season of your life is not permanent. Hope for the best. keep giving your all and above all, keep on trusting God because He’s always with you even during your darkest moments.

What is that DRIVE that keeps you GOING in what you do?

Generally, it’s often said “the beginning is usually the hardest part.” This may be true depending on how we look at it, but I think anybody can start something. But, only a few can start and finish a specific task. So, I believe the most difficult part in anything we do is not necessarily the beginning, but the most difficult part is actually finding that willpower to maintain a constant level of balance, discipline and commitment to continue producing outstanding results in whatever we do till the very end.

I’m an aspiring medical doctor. I can say entering into the medical field was not an easy process as you can read on my previous blog on “the paths I took and the decisions I made that led me into where I am today”

But as medical student, I can also say  getting into the medical field is not really the hardest part in the medical journey, but the hardest part is actually finding that drive to keep going till the very end. Motivation and Purpose can eventually get you to your dreams, but it takes a lot of commitment, passion and discipline to keep going and to constantly produce results after you have achieved a certain level of success.

On March 08th 2021, I was privileged to have a one-to-one talk with a medical doctor on the topic what keeps him going as a health care practitioner? Like I mentioned on my previous blog, one way to succeed in whatever you do is to actually connect with people who are already where you aspire to be so that they could guide you, orientate you, lead you and make your journey inspiring.

Dr. Mahamat Ali

Dr. Mahamat Ali is a medical doctor by profession. He is a  graduate from the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Buea – Cameroon; where I am schooling presently and he served as my supervisor during my second year internship program at Family Health Care Foundation – Limbe. He works together with his senior colleague Dr. Ndifor Peter Louis, who’s the founder and director of this clinic.

Dr. Ndifor Peter Louis and Dr. Mahamat Ali during a caesarian section in the theater.

Talking with Dr. Mahamat Ali on this topic was quite inspiring as I gathered a lot of points which I believe will serve as an inspiration for you to keep going in whatever you do till the end. Hope you’ll be inspired as you read through.

What keeps you going as a health care practitioner?

1 –

What keeps me going as a medical personnel is the expectation that people have when they come to see  me. That expectation people have when they entrust their lives in my hands hoping I’ll be a solution to their problems and relieve their pains. This great expectations that people have when they come to see me is what really keeps me going, knowing I can live up to serve a purpose that’s greater than I am.”

~ Dr. Mahamat Ali.

Whatever you do, people would always expect something from you. Use this as an inspiration not to give up on the journey and keep moving forward. Always ask yourself questions like what do my parents expect from me? What does my country expect from me? What does the world expect from me? And what does God expect from me? If not for yourself, do it for them. I believe in each and everyone of us lies something greater than ourselves called purpose and if we can take up the challenge to really live our lives in the direction of that thing in us called purpose, and serve it diligently to the world, then we can really create an impact in the lives of many and the world at large.

2 –

As a medical doctor, people have hopes and believe in you. They believe and have hopes that you can be a source of light in their lives and the lives of others, they have hopes and they believe that because of you, someone can have a second chance of living, they have hopes that you can brighten up their lives and much more. Now, That joy that comes whenever I live up to their expectations really really keeps me going and gives me a greater sense of accomplishment and fulfillment, knowing because of me someone out there is actually living again.”

~ Dr. Mahamat Ali

Fulfillment will always come when we live to accomplish our various purposes in life. Fulfillment should be something we should all fight for. Fulfillment comes when you do something greater than yourself. Money can make you feel good for a moment, but in the long run, it cannot give you the fulfillment you truly need. Fulfillment comes when you live a life of purpose. This fulfillment is what will inspire you to keep on doing what you do till the very end despite the challenges.

3 –

Personally as a medical doctor, another thing that keeps me going is the fact that I have no plans to be average, but to be a doctor many will look up to. So, I always give my best in whatever I do. It’s often said to be what others are not, you need to do what others are not doing. I always take this upon myself to put in the extra work that’s required because I know this is what will take me to the next level.”

~ Dr. Mahamat Ali.

What are your ambitions? I believe we all want to be the best in whatever we do. I believe none of us wants to be average. But to be the best, we have to keep going and we also have to give our best in whatever we do. Your ambitions to be the best in wherever you are or in whatever you do should always serve as an inspiration and a drive to constantly keep you going in what you do.

One person cannot solve all the problems in the world. But if we all can do our part by using our gifts to serve this planet and each other, then I believe the world would be a more better place than it is now. You must not necessarily be a doctor or in the Health Care Domain to give hope to people or to brighten up their lives or to relieve them from their pains or to be the reason they have a second chance of living. In whatever you do, you can still positively impact the lives of many people out there and you can as well create an impact in the world at large.

If you’re reading this, I’d just want to let you know that there are plenty of reasons out there for you to keep going in whatever you do. Challenges would obviously come your way. But remember that there’s no successful journey without challenges. And I’d want to encourage you that creating a positive impact is not limited by your career. In whatever you do, choose to be different, choose to be the best, choose to be a role model to others, choose to create a legacy that others would follow, and above all choose to keep moving forward and trust the process!

The paths I took and the decisions I made which led me to where I am now.

Vision is everything in life. No matter what you desire to become in life, you should always have a vision. Vision is the ability to picture the future and see what ordinary eyes cannot see. Vision is the ability to see beyond the present circumstances and believing in the bigger picture that lies at the end.

I got the vision of my future while I was in Secondary School. I had this vision of becoming someone who’s capable of impacting the lives of many out there. Looking at the different categories of careers, I saw the Medical Field as a really amazing and inspiring field where I could be opportune to touch the lives of many people in many different ways. To know more about why I chose to do Medicine, you can read my previous post using the link below.

Having this vision in me, I knew it’d not be an easy process turning this dream into a reality. So, there were certain steps I took which made it possible for God to turn my dreams into a reality. The truth is, God is always willing to help us in whatever we choose to do as long as we’re really intentional, passionate and determined about it, and also as long as it correlates with His purpose for our lives.

Below, I’ll outline the different steps which I took that made it possible for me to be where I am today and that still keeps me going in the direction of my dreams.


As easy as it may sound, it all starts from our mindsets. While in Secondary School, I was privileged to come across many outstanding quotes that really shaped my mentality about life and made me believe in my dreams more. One of these quotes which I really took personal and which meant a lot to me was “BELIEVE, and ANYTHING is POSSIBLE.”

As I earlier mentioned, it all starts from our mindsets, we can hardly rise above our beliefs. So, having such a mentality of anything is possible in life if I believe really contributed to where I am today because it made me to be more optimistic and to see beyond my present circumstances. There were challenges. I had to stay a year back home without going to school because of sociopolitical crisis in the country which led to the shut down of schools. But despite this, I still believed in the process and I still had faith that everything will work out, and eventually everything worked out.


When you know where you’re going and if you’re determined enough, nobody needs to remind you to constantly work hard and to be disciplined as it is hard to achieve anything big in life without these qualities in you.

Having the dream of becoming a medical doctor really made me to work hard because I knew it wasn’t easy to be in the field. Unlike other fields, the medical field requires you to first write a national competitive entrance examination launched by the state before qualifying you to enroll in a medical school. This exam is written by thousands of students across the national territory and only the top best students are often selected which is usually a very small number compared to the total number of students who usually write the national competitive entrance examination. Knowing what was ahead of me really inspired me to put in my best interest in my studies as I knew my performance in secondary school will greatly contribute as a factor that might enable me to be selected as a successful candidate after writing the exam.

Despite the circumstances, always be determined to reach your destination.


It’s often said, we’re a combination of the people we constantly hang out with and this is very true. Sometimes, we may not be the problem but the problem may be because we find ourselves in the wrong environment.

Throughout my secondary school life and up to now, I always do my very best to surround myself with people who always bring out the best in me, who are optimistic and who’re capable of challenging me to become a better version of myself. The people you surround yourself with contribute greatly to what you become in life.

Who are your friends? What do you see when you look at your friends? Are your friends capable of challenging you to become a better version of yourself? Do you feel inspired or drained emotionally when you’re with your friends? These are questions you should constantly ask yourself and do well to let go of people who are not worthy of being your friend. Don’t cloud yourself with so many people and you fail to realize the ones that are designed to help you live a purposeful life. And again, not everyone you meet or you know is supposed to be your friend. Choose your friends wisely.


Where do you see yourself tomorrow? What are your career goals? Do you know what it takes to be where you desire to be? You see, when I finally made up my mind to study medicine, I had to connect with people who were already in the medical sector and they guided me through. After my high school, I enrolled in a Non-Governmental Organization, called Model Initiative of Africa (MIA), which is aimed at equipping and preparing students all over the territory to write the different national competitive examinations which gives you the approval to study in any professional school of your choice.

My journey through MIA (Model Initiative of Africa) was quite inspiring, uplifting and amazing as I was privileged and opportune to be lectured and mentored by both medical students and medical doctors across the territory who really made us believe that it’s possible to pass the exam despite the fact that it’s quite competitive. They gave us high quality and explicit lectures and followed us up through a mentoring program where each staff of MIA was assigned to mentor a specific number of students. This really made it possible for us to share our difficulties with our mentors and they indeed guided us through every step till the end. I was also opportune to come across many other students from different institutions throughout the territory. This encouraged me to work extremely hard as we were competing amongst ourselves. I wrote the entrance examination and indeed I was among the successful candidates. I’m presently in my second year in the medical school and up till now, the staff of MIA who have now become my seniors, friends and family have never stopped mentoring me till date.


It takes a lot of grace to be where I am now. There were moments I felt like giving up, but God always gave me more reasons to keep going. There were moments I felt drained, but God always filled me up and kept me going. There were moments I lost control but God always brought me back on track. In all, I’ll say I am where I am today because of no other person than God. True, I may have worked hard but without His grace, I’d not have worked that hard. Up to this moment, God is still in control of everything and the only thing I can do is nothing else but to trust the process because I know God is not finished with me yet!

If you’re where you desired to be in life, I’d really want to congratulate you on that as I know the process was not an easy one. And if you’re still on the journey to where you want to be in life, I’m encouraging you right now to keep going forward and to trust the process as I know it’s not also an easy process as well. But all in all, always know that everything is possible if you believe. Strategize the various means which you know can lead you to your dreams and implement them in your life. And also remember that success begins from within!

Egbe Gift Dickson; during his second year internship program in Limbe, Cameroon.

Why I chose to do Medicine.

I’m called Egbe Gift, a second year Medical Student at the University of Buea, Cameroon.

Becoming a doctor is a journey that takes seven years to be completed; the preclinical years last for three years while the clinical years last for four years.

Unlike any other career field, the medical field is quite unique in the sense that it requires people who are passionate about humanity.

I grew up as an orphan. I lost my parents at a very young age. Growing up in such a condition was quite challenging, but looking back now, I realize why I had to go through everything.

Being an orphan taught me to be very humble, to always appreciate the smallest act of kindness shown to me by someone, to value others more and to inspire people who are going through a similar situation like me.

When it came to a point where I had to choose a career in life, I decided to do something that’d give me the opportunity to pay back to the world something money could not buy.. Throughout my life, I’ve been blessed and favoured by God in uncountable ways and by men. So, I had to do something that would give me the ability to say thank you to the world for all the blessings upon my life.

Choosing to do Medicine means choosing to dedicate your life in serving humanity.

Egbe Gift, 2nd Year as a medical student.

I’d choose to do Medicine over and over and over because my fulfillment comes when I’m able to IMPACT the lives of others and through becoming a medical doctor, I know I’m going to impact many more lives out there.

Why are you doing what you are doing?

You see, in life there should be a reason why you do something. That reason (WHY) is the most important factor because the WHY gives you the strength and the motivation to keep moving despite the odds.

Don’t just do something because you find others doing it or because you were influenced by your parents or because of money. Do something that you’d still choose to do even if you had all the money and time in the world. Do something because it gives you fulfillment.

If you’re reading this right now, I want you to ask yourself why you choose to do what you do.

Write down the reasons and make sure your reasons of doing that thing are capable of fuelling you whenever you feel like giving up because if your why is not solid enough, reaching your destination would be a mission impossible.

Egbe Gift and Randy Praise, his best pal.